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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is similar to an office assistant or PA. The only main difference is that they work remotely from their own office. A virtual Assistant is self employed and provides confidential support to any business.

Can a Virtual Assistant cover Annual Leave or Sickness?

When a company has a period where a few members of staff are on annual or maternity leave or are off sick they often hire a Virtual PA. to cover administration, telephone calls as well as diary management.

Who can benefit from using a Virtual Assistant?

As this is a flexible service, many types of businesses can benefit in various ways. These can include start-ups who do not have the facilities or work load for an extra employee, or a large business which is looking for new solutions. There are no minimum hours per month, which makes this service flexible for both small and large companies.

What are the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant?

  • No more time consuming administration

  • You can free up your valuable time and concentrate on more important business matters

  • Assistance during your busy periods

  • You can work with your virtual Assistant on a month to month basis and change your hours accordingly

  • No need to employ a permanent member of staff

  • Office overheads are minimal as a Virtual Assistant has his/her own office

  • No sickness, annual leave or PAYE to manage

Will I have to purchase a minimum number of hours?

No, we work as flexible as possible. Our packages allow you to use hours as and when you need to without having to discuss invoices each time you require support. Alternatively you can use us on an ad hoc basis

How do I pay?

You can choose which option suits your needs and pay by bank transfer or paypal

How can I be reassured about confidentiallity?

As a Virtual Assistant a confidentiality/Non disclosure agreement can be signed. We are also GDPR compliant

I need some support, what do I do next?

Please fill in the enquiry form on the Contact us page. We will get in touch to discuss options free of charge.

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