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Virtual Assistant

Welcome to 'Virtual PA Solution's.  We are a small team dedicated to provide professional services to support you and your business or personal life.

Over the years, many businesses have enjoyed more time, peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that it has cost a fraction of a full time salary to use a Virtual Assistant.

Whether you have a fully staffed office or are just starting out, there comes a time when you need a little extra help.  'Virtual PA Solutions' is dedicated to providing an excellent service for your business needs.


Below are some example's of what clients have listed as their top reasons for choosing a Virtual PA. 


  • Complete flexibility. You pay for the hours you use and nothing more.

  • Reduce employee costs and administration e.g. salary, pension contribution, desk space and equipment costs.

  • An expert on hand to deal with any eventuality whether business or personal.

  • Removing administration from a busy workload lets you focus on your business.

  • No additional office space required.


'Virtual PA Solutions' provide a wide range of services to take the pressure away from you. Read the FAQ Page to see if working with a VA would benefit you.

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