New local business to support Entrepreneurs

It is most definitely back to school, work and college time, and as we all get ready for a new term and a new season, more people than ever are making the big decision to ditch the 9-5 working week and start their own businesses.


Having a few weeks off during the summer gives us a great opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and how we earn our living, and try and find a solution to that elusive work/life balance that we all crave.


It is well documented that working for yourself gives you the freedom to enjoy a better work life balance, and make your own decisions about how you earn a living.


For some people the big jump will be to become a freelance and set up a home office, working for yourself and looking after clients. Others will take the leap into running a business with employees and perhaps a small office or workshop somewhere.


However,  the costs associated with running your own business can be high, particularly in the early days which is also when cash may not be flowing quite as regularly as you might like.


Building a new business from scratch takes time, effort and money and the costs associated with employing staff to provide a much needed support system can be high.


Although many small business owners do manage their own admin, invoicing and other functions such as diary management and PR , it is usually a much better and more efficient use of time to employ someone like us to provide those functions for you.

Having full time or even part time staff can be a massive drain on precious resources, and this is why more and more small business owners and sole traders are turning to the services of companies offering virtual business support services.


Virtual business services provide as much support as a business needs, but without the worry of sky high wages bills and increased overheads.


Julie Morton, an experienced executive PA from Warwickshire has just launched Virtual PA. Solutions, one of the UK's newest virtual business service companies and already has a handful of diverse clients keen to use her services to help grow their businesses.


Julie said: "I have worked with numerous businesses throughout my career, offering everything from admin support to executive PA services and I know how vital these roles are in a business. Across the UK there are some brilliant, dynamic, enterprising business people who are working tirelessly to build their businesses and get their products to market. Many of these entrepreneurs are juggling multiple tasks within their businesses. They are trying to be a jack of all trades, but actually what they really need to do is focus on what they are good at-running their businesses."


Julie added that the costs associated with employing staff are often prohibitive, particularly for start-ups and small businesses.


"It is start-ups and small enterprises that often really need support and that is why virtual solutions can be really helpful. We offer a very flexible package of services to suit all budgets and requirements, and our clients only pay for the services they actually want and use.”


Working with a small team of fellow specialist virtual service providers, Julie is able to offer her clients everything from handling client and customer queries, to communication services, event management, PR and media consultancy, travel co-ordination and recruitment.


Julie added: “We understand that many businesses run on tight budgets and the costs of our packages reflect that. We enjoy working with and supporting local businesses of all types and are always happy to discuss additional services or requirements with clients.”


Read more about Julie’s business at or email or call 07526 951 821